An excerpt from the massive and beautiful “goodbye book” from the Hulu Product Design Team.

My last day as VP, Product Design for Hulu was Monday, February 8th. I worked at that remarkable company for five years and one month. It’s a strange, exciting and liberating feeling to move on to new things. It’s scary and filled with unseen potential.

During my time at Hulu…

Ch-ch-ch-changes. Photo by JC Caldwell.

I’ve been remiss in my weekly essays recently as my schedule was overwhelmed with work and changes. It’s all good but it’s a reminder of the always, in-flux nature of reality.

I’ve been thinking about how I might comport myself during these times, navigating the changes in life, in work…

John S. Couch

John S. Couch is Vice President, Product Design at Hulu.

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